x field final
impossible shape final copy

X Poster Designs


I was contacted by the Tech company X (formally known as Google X) to design two posters which would be on displayed in the main foyer at the X campus building.

X is a company which works at the fringes of modern technology pushing radical devices which can benefit millions of people from around the world. I was tasked in capturing the essence of X in making roughly what would be seen as motivational posters but also not in the traditional sense.

The first poster was based on iteration where I based my design on X's Mineral project showing the different stages Mineral took to get to where it is now. But X isn't just about the tech but also the human factor so I populated the field with people working away since all of X's projects are a means of enhancing people's lives in areas deemed difficult.

The next one was to show unity and people working together at its core in which I decided to go down on an unusually path of making a poster featuring an impossible shape since it's about X working on projects to solve the hardest problems in the world as a means to show that anything is possible, I also designed this so that you can flip the orientation giving it an extra layer for the viewer of seeing things differently.

This was a great project to work on and I am happy to have been allowed to make these posters, Thanks Rowan for working with me on this.