The Lawnmower Man AMP Class of 1992


Alternative Movies Posters (or AMP for short) contacted me to see if I would be interested in taking part in this year's Class of poster exhibition in which 30 artists design alternative posters for movies made 30 years ago. Since the type of work that produce id on the weird and surreal side of things and that I have done a fair bit of illustrations based on science and technology for clients the 1992 future shock flick based on the potential and then concerns of virtual reality in the shape of The Lawnmower Man seemed too good to pass up.

Many folk may have noticed that I had done a Lawnmower Man piece for Gallery 1988 and their 30 years later show but there was one idea that I didn't go down where this project would allow me to push it towards the poster that you see here.

If you are interested in seeing more on the show, then follow this link to see all the amazing work that was featured in the show.

AMP also made a calendar featuring my poster design as well with all proceeds going to charity and can be seen here